Coming Soon…

14 03 2008

Really, I do have crafts in the works.  In fact, I have several crafts in the works.  Unfortunately, “the works” is currently buried under 3 tons of crap in my room.  I’ve been avoiding cleaning by crafting, but now that has backfired and I can’t find any of my crafting stuff, let alone have room to work on it.

So before I begin again, I am going to clean, which is always a huge endeavor with me.  I may need to enlist the help of the boyfriend or a hazmat team, whichever is cheaper.  I also hope to find the cable for my digital camera so I can finally post the pictures of the food I’ve been making lately, in addition to the crafts.

But hopefully, I will soon be able to post about my WIPs:

  • the slouchy hat in the correct proportions and a new color
  • a crocheted necklace plus tutorial
  • mini hand-bound journals
  • fabric silhouettes
  • handmade cards

Hopefully this will help me get my butt in motion and allow me to discover the floor in my room.




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