Stampin’ Up Cards

29 05 2008

I went to my second Stampin’ Up card making class a couple of weeks ago, and I was very pleased with the results. I never used stamps before, but now that I have a few techniques under my belt, I’m excited to make more cards and use more stamps in my scrapbooking and such. All designs and materials courtesy of Judy Gierlach.

This was a cute card, but slightly time consuming to make. Each panel was stamped off once for the background, and all of the black line details were hand-drawn. The ladybugs’ wings were cut out by hand, so that took a bit of time. The real pain was attaching the red half-circles with ribbon to the top, but I think the end result is cute. The card folds up accordion-style with the green panel in front.

The only issue I see with this card is I am not sure where to write a message. I suppose you could write on the panels, or on the black paper in a metallic pen.

I ended up giving this to my friend for her birthday, and it turned out to be a birthday card and an engagement card at the same time. (The boy got her a good present, huh?) We first stamped the image on the white cardstock, then colored the flower in by hand. The edges of the white paper were inked with green and blurred a bit. The white was put on green, then yellow cardstock, then onto the card itself, which was stamped with a design in the same color. I liked how the colors were combined in this one.

This is a card in a slightly different shape – the green is a single sheet and the blue is a long, rectangular shape that is attached in the back and free in the front. When you open the card, both the blue cardstock and the yellow picture open. The image was stamped on white, then colored in by hand. The yellow ribbon was tied on the blue cardstock, then the yellow piece with the image attached was glued down. I thought the hedgehog was too adorable to pass up.

This was a neat 3-D card. I loved the polka dots. The ladybug was made out of three pieces punched out in a scallop shape. The wrong side of the punches were attached to each other and the card itself. The line details were hand-drawn.

This is one of my favorite cards, using a cracked glass technique. We first stamped the image on a white piece of cardstock, then heat embossed the image several times. (I think the final count was 5.) While we assembled the rest of the card, which was stamped with a background image on both the green and purple parts, we put the embossed cardstock in the freezer for about 20 minutes. After taking the cardstock out, we bent it gently at different angles until the hardened embossing cracked. We then took a brown ink pad and swiped it over the cracked embossing, then wiped it off to give it an antique look. You can put the ink on and wipe it off several times to get the desired effect.

I am definitely going to use these techniques for the next time I need to give out cards!




3 responses

3 06 2008
tracy whitney

Cute cards! : )

Welcome to the Rochester Scrappers group. Such a great bunch of gals. Enjoy.

10 06 2008

How did you make the ladybug? I would love to know

12 06 2008

The card with the three ladybugs is made out of two polka dot petal shaped pieces, one black half circle and one long oval black piece. The wings are put on top of the black pieces.

The 3-D lady bug is made with three circles with scalloped edges. You fold each in half and attach the right half of circle #1 to the left half of circle #2, the right half of circle #2 to the left half of circle #3, and the free halves of circles #1 and 3 are attached to the card itself.

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